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VHB Double Sided Tapes

We offer the most suitable VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes to your process.
Very High Bond Double Sided Tapes

VHB Acrylic
Foam Tapes

At SOMOTEC, not only can we help you select the right VHB tape for the application but we can provide it in a format that is most suitable to your process, whether that is in rolls, die cuts, sheets or multi-lamination. We offer VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes as well as more conventional double sided tapes.

VHB (Very High Bond) Acylic Foam Tapes are widely used in the automotive industry. Years ago, applications were bonded by traditional attachment methods like rivets, screws, clips or welding. Today, 90% of these applications have been substituted by adhesives and in particular acrylic foam tapes due to their specific performance characteristics.

The Automotive market can present a variety of challenges when trying to find the right acrylic foam tape to bond various polymers to painted metals. The type of plastic used for the manufacturing of the parts, in combination with the clearcoat finish of the car, requires a certain type of adhesive system.

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